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The top team is working together and the R&D investment is nearly 100 million yuan. Strong cooperation with Ricoh, rich printing solutions, high speed and high precision, let you firmly grasp the order

Provide you with a rich and high quality printing solution

Achieve one print, reducing production costs. Covering a wide range of fields such as building materials, home decoration, advertising, craft accessories, toys, leather, etc., to achieve true color customization of personalized graphics.

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UV printer in the hot mobile phone case UV printing market

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Orient Longke uv printer makes it easy for you to have a lipstick tube with a beautiful appearance

In traditional screen printing, the screen is used as the base, and a screen printing plate with graphics and text is mad...

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2021 DPES Expo China---DPES Guangzhou

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How is Ricoh Gen6 better than Gen5 ?

In recent years, with the rapid development of the UV printer industry, UV digital printing is also facing new challenges...

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