Art glass UV flatbed printing effect

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Art glass UV flat printing effect
High-end atmospheric grade glass sliding door printing printing effect, after 2015, decorating the mainstream production process, fast, low cost, high personalization, custom and flexible production.
The application of uv flatbed printer is very extensive. Basically, it can be understood as long as it is a flat material product. The exaggeration is that air and water cannot be printed, and others can be printed. Then the glass sliding door printing can also directly use the uv flatbed printer for color printing. At present, glass sliding door printing is slowly and more and more customers are using the uv flatbed printer to enter and print directly.
The basic reasons for using uv flatbed printers for glass sliding door printing are:
1. At present, under the influence of the big environment, almost all industries are not very prosperous. Many products need entrepreneurship to find new breakthroughs. Then uv flatbed printers can produce any personalized products, directly increase the added value of products, and cost very low.
2. Glass sliding door printing The use of uv flatbed printer is simple in operation, simple in process, low in cost, that is, it can be obtained immediately, without plate making, without the need for film, there is no limit on the quantity, even if it is one piece, it can be printed directly.
3.uv flatbed printer can be applied not only in the glass sliding door industry, but also in home decoration, decoration, tile wall, glass, ceiling, art photo studio, etc.
4.uv flat printing market has huge potential, high profit margin, and is still a green environmental protection industry. There are many suitable people and types, which is also an inevitable trend of development.
Glass sliding door printing generally chooses what kind of uv flatbed printer to use:
The uv flatbed printer can be divided into non-industrial uv flatbed printers and industrial uv flatbed printers in time and application. At present, most of the customers and friends will choose high-precision, high-speed and high-stability industrial uv flatbed printers, which is in the Ricoh series. The UV machine is available in LK-UV2513 (print size 2.5m*1.3m) and LK-UV2030 (print size 2m*3m). The machine picture is as follows:
What is the process of applying uv flatbed printing to glass sliding door printing?
It is very simple to operate, and one person can carry out business with one computer and one machine. The process flow can basically be summarized as: put the pattern to be printed into the computer, and then do a simple process, then put the product to be printed on the machine platform, run the printing, and complete it in a few minutes.
as the picture shows:
Use the Ricoh uv flatbed printer to print the glass sliding door effect:
How much is the price of glass sliding door printing uv flatbed printer?
The price of glass sliding door uv printer involves many factors, such as which series of machines, industrial machines or non-industrial machines. The important factor affecting the price of uv flatbed printers is the nozzle. If the Epson nozzle series is generally about 100,000 yuan or less than 100,000 yuan. If it is Seiko and Konica series, the price of this type of uv flatbed printer is about 200,000 yuan. If it is the most advanced Ricoh series uv flatbed printer, the price is generally starting at more than 200,000 yuan. Of course, the price is affected by the size of the machine, the materials used, and so on. Oriental Longke 15 years professional uv flatbed printer manufacturers have a comprehensive series of Epson uv flatbed printers, Seiko series uv flatbed printers, Ricoh series uv flatbed printers. The price ranges from 10,000 yuan to 800,000 yuan, and there are nearly one hundred machines available for selection. Orient Longke has been committed to building a high-quality low-price route in China.