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Professional printing, flat or coil materials printing

Edge banding and Baseboard

Ceramic tile

Other details of the equipment

Hywin grinding screw rod

Vacuum adsorption platform

Aviation aluminum beam

Negative pressure meter

Import Servo motor


15 years of industrial printing solutions provider

Multiple debugging with USA color software, combined with software such as Photoshop corelDRAW and AI。Support JPG, PNG, EPS, TIF and other image formats;Support automatic typesetting, batch processing, unique color-matching function, making the picture more Beauty, higher precision, more colorful colors;

Suitable for high-end scenes

Wooden floor

Ceramic tile

Light box

Equipment model LK200J-SINGLEPASS
Nozzle RICOH  G5(Quantity optional)
Print size 200mm wide (width can be customized)
Printing technology Minimum 7PL, variable ink drop, automatic adjustment of nozzle temperature and voltage
Ink supply system Continuous ink supply system + circulation system + stirring + constant temperature heating
Negative pressure system High precision intelligent negative pressure system
Maximum in printed material thickness Less than 10cm
RIP software US software, in compliance with ICC standards
Curing method UV curing system
printing speed 50 m / min
Ink type Imported UV environmentally friendly ink (excluding VOC)
Ink color C、Y、Y、K
Ink capacity 5L (monochrome ink tank)
Transmission method Automatic retracting material + coil material correction
Dimensions Length 5910mmX width 1280mmX height 1800mm
Net weight of equipment 2000Kg
Voltage/power 50/60Hz,220V /10Kw