Ricoh 1612UV printer price and parameters

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   In 2018 Orient LongKe introduced the cost-effective 1612UV printer, which is priced at 14700$ and equipped with 4+2 color industrial grade Ricoh nozzles. The printing accuracy reaches 3000DPI. It is the most cost-effective machine among all the nozzles. Orient LongKe engineers have several days and nights to debug and are scheduled to launch in June 2018. The machine details are as follows:

The picture of this 1612 Ricoh UV flatbed printer is as follows:

Equipment model LK-1612
Nozzle Rico GH220
Number of nozzles 4/6/8(OPTIONAL)
Precision 2400dpi
Material thickness ≤100mm
Material weight 50KG/m²
Machine platform 1600mm*1200mm
Curing methodPrint sizeinkColor mode CMYK,CMYK+W,CMYKLCLM,CMYKLCLM+W+V(OPTIONAL)
LED/Mercury lamp curing
Print material Various advertising materials, decorative materials, handicrafts, etc., such as ceramic glass,Metal plate, wood board, plastic, wallpaper, etc.
power supplyoperating systemCommunication Interface AC220V/380V  50HZ/60HZWin7 64bUSB 2.0
power 4KW
Operating environment temperature:20-28℃,humidity:40-60%
net weight 800kg
Machine size Length/width/height:2.2*3.2*1.5M

The basic features of this UV printer

Other details of the equipment


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