Orient LongKe Ceramic Tile printing scheme

Can be combined with a variety of processes to present different artistic effects

Orient LongKe Exclusive ceramic tile treatment solution

Common tile solutions

Plane process:

The flat color background wall only needs to be sandblasted and polished. It is colored with a UV printer and finally coated with varnish to increase weather resistance. It is often used for imitation jade and imitation marble.

Color carving process:

The color carving background wall is first polished on the tile with an engraving machine and a sand blasting machine, and then the oil is colored.The tile wall of most embossed (female or masculine) effects on the market is this process.

Microcrystalline composite process:

The glass is compounded on the flat-panel tiles with a micro-crystal composite machine to make the pattern more lustrous and have a protective effect, so that the UV tile printing can be used for the floor tiles.

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