Leather phone case printing effect

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Leather phone case printing effect
The leather case shell is also a very popular protective cover. Now, using the mobile phone case uv printer to print various personalized patterns on the surface of the holster, it is more beautiful, and the printing effect can be selected for partial printing and full-page printing. No matter what kind of play effect is very beautiful. The following is the effect printed by the mobile phone case uv printer of Shenzhen Orient Longke Ricoh nozzle series:
Flat 3D color printing effect
The effect of the mobile phone case uv printer using soft ink printing can not only be laid flat but also can be folded at will, without cracking, and can be stretched at the same time:
At present, the color printing effects seen by the more common Apple mobile phone case cover and Huawei mobile phone case cover are made by using the mobile phone shell printer, and the market is very popular. The investment in leather case printers is still a blank market. It is very suitable for entry. The investment cost is not large. More than 100,000 yuan can be processed and put into operation. Generally, the cost can be increased in three to five months. Now whoever grasps the opportunity first, I will seize the opportunity!