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Failure Analysis

Number Faulty part Fault phenomenon Cause of issue Solution
1 Vacuum pump Buzzer alarm The main vacuum pump is broken or the negative pressure is adjusted to a large or low pressure gauge parameter is modified

Replace the main vacuum pump or increase the pressure or reset the negative pressure parameter and reset the ink system

2 no Buzzer alarm two times Negative pressure overrun

Adjust the negative pressure to the normal range of -3.8 or so (there will be some differences in different areas)

3 Ink pump Buzzer alarm three times Ink supply timeout

Check if the large ink tank is short of ink, or if it is lack of ink, it will be full. Otherwise, the ink pump may be damaged or the ink may be leaked.

4 Communication line or circuit board Buzzer alarm four times Peripheral control panel and headboard communication failed

Check the communication line before the two boards or replace the head board or peripheral control board

5 no Buzzer alarm five times Ink flows into the negative pressure box

Check if the negative pressure is too large or the liquid level sensor is faulty, clean or replace the air pipe, and replace when the ink pressure valve is inked.

6 no Buzzer alarm six times Ink barrel lacks ink Check which color is missing ink and add ink
7 UV lamp The UV lamp is automatically turned off, or the light is off or the ink cannot be cured Maybe because the filter cotton is too dirty or the voltage is unstable or the lamp life is up to

Replace the filter or check the power supply voltage or replace the lamp

8 UV light shutter The shutter is stuck and cannot be turned on or off High temperature expansion causes jamming Check the cause of the jam and make mechanical adjustments
9 Second gear UV lamp or fan can't be opened, connector is black High current operation Replace the second-speed ship-shaped switch, and ensure that the connection is secure when replacing the switch.
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