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After sales clause

First, after-sales service

The work area must not be less than the range specified by the technician (contact the sales manager)

① In addition to consumables, the machine has a one-year limited warranty and the board is guaranteed for one year.

② Orient LongKe provides customers with the most timely and convenient service support. The services include: pre-sales technical consultation, on-site installation, operation technical training, application training and troubleshooting support. You can also pass our authorization at your location. The dealer gets service support.

③ Orient LongKe provides a device installation guide for each user. Please refer to the installation guide to prepare the venue. The general requirements are as follows:

1. The working area must not be less than 7.5 meters x 5 meters (length x width)

2. Ambient temperature 20~30°C, air humidity 30%~70%RH

3, the air is clean, no excessive dust and other pollutants

4. The power input power is not less than 35A/220V. The recommended power cable diameter is not less than 4 square millimeters, and the ground voltage is less than 3V.

5. If it is an Orient LongKe direct selling equipment, an experienced engineer from Orient LongKe will assist the installation and commissioning when the equipment arrives; if it is purchased through the Orient LongKe dealer, it will be experienced by the Orient LongKe authorized dealer. Engineers come to the site to assist with installation and commissioning when the equipment arrives. Unless otherwise agreed in the contract.

6. Orient LongKe will provide free on-site training for around 7 days. The training venue can be selected at Orient LongKe or at the user-specified installation site, which can be agreed upon by the customer in the contract.

7. Compared to many imported brands of UV printers, Orient LongKeUV printers are characterized by simple operation and easy maintenance. The operator only needs to gently wipe the nozzle with a non-woven fabric at the beginning of the daily print job or after 4 hours of continuous printing to prevent ink from depositing on the nozzle. It only takes a few minutes to complete.

Second, technical service training

① Installation and commissioning

(1) All equipment products of our company in this quotation document are brand new original brands.

(2) After the company is responsible for the initial acceptance of the purchased equipment, the logistics will be sent to the location of the foreign user to provide installation and commissioning of the purchased equipment.

(3) After the installation and commissioning of the purchased equipment is in place, the technical staff of our company will conduct training on the user side.

② Installation and training

(1) Our company will be responsible for organizing professional technicians to install and debug the purchased products according to the actual requirements of the users, to ensure the smooth installation and training.

(2) The company will strictly abide by the user's rules and regulations, and protect the user's equipment and conservative users are trade secrets and technical secrets.

Third, the acceptance criteria

1. Acceptance method: All equipment shall be inspected for quantity and quality according to the manufacturer's product acceptance criteria and relevant provisions in the contract.

2. Initial acceptance After the equipment is sent to a foreign user to install the site, the buyer checks, checks, and checks the quantity, basic quality, and outer packaging of the goods.

3. After the initial acceptance, our company's technical personnel come to the door to install and debug according to the user's requirements. The results should meet the requirements for use. During this period, the quality of the equipment is found to be problematic. Our company will replace it unconditionally until the acceptance is normal.

Fourth, quality assurance and after-sales service commitment

1. The equipment quality is guaranteed for one year according to the manufacturer's standard. During the warranty period, the spare parts and equipment that need to be replaced due to improper operation are guaranteed by our company and replaced. The equipment provided by our company is guaranteed according to the warranty scope and time promised by the contract.

2. After the warranty is over, our company will continue to provide after-sales service and be responsible for the regular maintenance and repair of the equipment provided. Unlimited lifelong service.

3, in accordance with the manufacturer's after-sales service policy service, our company's technical staff on-site service.

4. Hotline consultation service:

When you encounter problems during the use of the equipment, you are welcome to call the technical service hotline 0086-755-29972981, a technical engineer to provide professional services.

5, service process:

Quick response:

(1) The customer commissioner answers the call and quickly determines the type of equipment failure by consulting the fault condition, and informs the company's engineering and technical personnel of the fault.

(2) There are company engineering and technical personnel to determine the cause of the fault, solve the problem that the user can solve by telephone and video, and the problem that the user can't solve, the company engineers and technicians will carry relevant accessories, software and tools to quickly reach the destination within the specified time. , troubleshooting.

Fill in the service report:

(1) After the technical engineer solves the problem, fill out the service report.

(2) After the service report is confirmed by the relevant person in charge of the user, the on-site service work is terminated.

6. Tracking service after fault handling

Regularly return to the customer, consult the operation of the equipment after the fault is handled, and make a record.

Fifth, Remarks

In order to protect your legal rights and interests, avoid unnecessary losses. You will not be entitled to a free warranty for product failure or damage for the following reasons, you may choose to pay for the service.

1. Your device is out of warranty.

2. Equipment damage caused by improper operation according to the instructions.

3. Your equipment has been repaired by unauthorized personnel.

4. Failure to use the consumables specified by the manufacturer.

5. Your equipment uses non-standard or unpublished software or illegal accessories that have not been certified by us, as well as other damage caused by force majeure such as natural disasters. In order to guarantee your rights and interests, our company will provide better after-sales service, welcome your supervision of our work and provide valuable advice. Sincerely hope that our service will make you more satisfied.